Team Feltrio

The "Team Marche-Club Feltrio" is a group of sports and historical re-enactment, practicing full contact fighting in full armor of the fourteenth or fifteenth century. The main purpose of the team is to train and prepare athletes \ fighters to combat discipline used in some areas, sports\re-enactment, typical of some international events.
Following the participation of some of its members, since 2013 in the ranks of the Italian team for Battle of the Nations, the interest for this discipline has begun to increase, leading to the birth of similar structures in other parts of Italy.
The Team Feltrio develops and is based in Urbino (PU), Italy, one of the most important cities of the Italian Renaissance, but its activity also involves people from other regions; In fact, beyond the territory of the Marche, currently adhere to the structure also fighters from neighboring regions such as Umbria and Emilia Romagna.
Recognition, such as structure empowered to carry out this important role within the sector under consideration, is due to membership of the Team Feltrio, and its members, to 'AICM (Association of Italian Medieval Combat), a union to which the team has adhered since the birth of the association. The A.I.C.M. adheres to C.S.E.N.
In occasion of the "Battle of the Nations" 2014, held in Trogir in Croatia, Team Feltrio represented "Italian 2" in the selection of the three teams that can participate in the championship, for 5vs5, representing Italy, as well as having contributed, with the other teams in the composition of the team for 21vs21.

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